Monday, May 24, 2010

young young love.

It was a hot., sunny afternoon when I'm walking home after buying some stuff in the condo supermarket when I saw someone oddly familiar walking up in front of me.

It's MN. I'm quite sure of it, he wears this put on sleeves thing to hide the unwanted dark spots in his arms caused by the allergic reaction to the medication.

Soon as I got near, I was able to outline his Josh Hartnett like Jawline, It was him indeed.

He was talking to a friend, being my goofy self I stood behind his friend, made finger horns on his head in a way that his friend wont noticed, and flashed him my trademark 10000000 megawatt smile. he noticed me right away and waved back, finished talking to his friend and his friend left and he greeted me.

he was just hanging around the area and dropped by. Told him I live here, and told me how nice it was, at that time hunks are exiting from the condo gym and I told him to enjoy the view. we laughed.

I looked hard at him, when I first met him at the R.I.T.M. center his face are all scaly, which pretty much covered his former cute face, but he is still cute, in a merman kind of way... now his face seems to start clearing, I hardly noticed the dark spots round his neck and his cheeks now are like blushing red, which gave him a bit of a glow.

I told him he looks cute already and he seems well on his way to recovery, he gushed, and told me it was me who looks like improving from the papules. after the chit chat he left.

S arrived that night, we had dinner in my place as mom and sis will be late from work so I have the place all to myself, I told him about MN... who at the time was texting me asking if I know anyone who teaches piano as he is recovering a heartbreak and is putting his wounds in words as lyrics and wants to put music into it, gave him my contact and told him he is the best piano teacher Ive known.

so I told S about MN in full delight as I realized we have something in common - Music.

S shrugged, was quiet for a while, put on a pouty face and puppy-like eyes and asked me:

.. " you're not liking any positive guys now right? and you'll stick with me if you found a positive guy right?"

Uh Oh. jealousy storm,

I smiled, put my head on his shoulder and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I'm not liking any positive guys, and I'll stay here with you".

" are you sure?"

"Im sure".

then I kissed him and right there and then, we made good love.

aaah. young love, Im definitely not dying. :)