Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Going out of my personal blog and more into HIV information... I know you miss it, c'mon.

okay, as my blog started growing out of the HIV niche market (i.e. my fellow pozzie friends who read and follow my blog) many have responded to my posts that they deem unrelated to HIV.

see, like most other pozzie bloggers, I went to forum sites and other networking sites, dating sites even, and promoted my advocacy on HIV thru this blog, usually with the link of my first post as the rest of my posts resembled my day-to-day life.

some, who read my blog from the latest posts, gave enough effort to actually email me and ask, "where's HIV in your posts?"

okay, so in case they forgot, my blog is about "I'm not dying" and "I'm living... with HIV" thus the title of my blog. this is certainly not one of those documentary TV specials where all the pozzies are shameful of themselves and had become unfruitful of their lives. nope, nope, this IS reality. us pozzies are around, and we live normally, we go to the gym, we dance, we sing, we go to the beach, we do get checked out, some still gives a few indecent proposal, some drink hard and party harder, and yes - we do not die soon as expected. the pozzie people now are glam compared to our ancestors, who are also glam in their own way, you know - Freddy Mercury and that hot supermodel Gia? and unlike our 80's counterparts, we live longer and with happiness.

most of the questions that are always asked to me is about S.

okay - being a pozzie doesn't exclude me/you of a right to any intimate relationship, in fact, though it is harder for us to find a fling or so, it is easy for us to distinguish who loves us - because if he can accept your HIV status, it only shows he is mature enough to know the risks involved and responsible enough to keep himself negative and he doesn't need to prove his love any longer.

usually after our oh-so-good sex, S will open the topic of HIV, but he's more worried to me than to him... you see, us pozzies are prone to any infectious diseases of sorts, a little something that is in a sperm could be fought over by a neggie's immune system while a pozzie will be vulnerable in it. and despite our kinks, we practice safe sex - safe sex that isnt just condom sex, but proper cumshots and lubricants and all. we also made a pact, he's exclusively top and im bottom, to lessen his risk of contracting the virus, but he understood that there is still a risk.

so for those wondering why I have a good love and sex life, it's as simple as I have this strange luck that S understood my part, and Im just being responsible to my status, being truthful and honest pays a lot, you know.

plus, we live in a age where people are actually more accepting, I dont know if that is a surprise for some, but I've met negative people who are amused by positive people, so much amused some are willing to marry them, or some wants to "handle" them, for the other reason that - us Pozzies are responsible and we know the ways of keeping a negative a negative - unlike others whom they need to be cautious yet intimate with.

also, being Vain that I am, I am Appalled by a statement by one of the forum members in a gay networking site, in forum titled "what will you do if you were HIV+ ?" some of the answers are realistic and mature. from "I'll still live my life" to "be more healthy" to "be one with god" one of the answers captured my attention - this guy said "he'd do a total make-over and be a looker as positive people are not much of a looker" - now it could be a joke or said with a humor, but I'm annoyed by the stereotyping!

for one - HIV doesn't affect your physical being, I've met people on the AIDS status already and they are still as hunky and as gorgeous and as healthy as Adonis. true, there are some pozzies who look sick and look dead, some look like a merman, but that is not because of HIV, that is because of the allergic reaction to the medications - but that is treatable, I have a friend that when I first met him he looked so unhealthy, but once they started treating the allergy his looks improved - now he is gaining weight and is on his way of becoming a hunk again and his skin is becoming more alive.

us pozzies are not ugly, not even skeleton-thin thin... we are sexy, hot, irresistible and lovable - why do you think we got the virus in the first place? because many wanted to be with us. some allowed the many to touch them, and others are like me - who caught another ultra big fish (almost like king triton, but with prince erics' looks)and planted a seed of HIV to each other.

again, here are some stereotypes that I wanted to correct:

01: HIV+ are full of darkspots, acne and looks thin and malnourished - in respect to any physical beauty, you cant tell a pozzie by looks. HIV attacks the immune system, the immune system protects the body from viruses like a common cold. a lack of immune system doesn't equate to a pimple, it only means that its hard for us to heal from a small thing like a common cold. that hunky guy you made out with, whose arms you just want to crash you, that hunky guy whom you keep on saying "more!" and that hunky guy you adore to wash - has a possibility of being a pozzie much as that guy you snubbed off as "too average".

02: HIV+ = instant death: let me clarify, HIV isn't curable, true, but it is VERY MUCH treatable. we just monitor our immune system (cd4 count)every 6 months, the higher the count, the better, normal range is 350-1,500. HIV becomes AIDS once your CD4 count went from 200 below. you will start your medication once your CD4 count goes below the normal range. a CD4 of 1,500 and such isn't a guarantee of a misdiagnosis - a negative person can have a CD4 count of as much as 20,000 or so. during the 80's or so when HIV started to breakout, not one doctor knew about the details I discussed above, now all of them do. once a pozzie's immune system goes down, starting medications can bring it up again - yes, even up until 1,500. thus the reason why they are many HIV positive people are still alive after being a poz for 16 years or so... like the case of Magic Johnson. yes, to correct Peque Gallaga, we can grow old. my discussion above is also the reason why EARLY DETECTION is the best way to prolong your life - those who died from pneumonia found out too late.

03: HIV+ means no more sex: sorry to burst your bubble, but my back entry needs a rest - if you know what I mean.

04: HIV+ means yes to bareback sex: there are people out there who are so into bareback they wanna have HIV so that they could continue doing bareback. they're also wrong, much as sex is unlimited to a pozzie, pozzies are limited to safe sex. not to protect their partners but to protect themselves, see - the seminal fluid is not just a fluid of life, it is also the fluid of Hepa B, herpes, syphilis and other things - if a pozzie will be infected by another STD it will harder for them to be treated. so a pozzie needs to be more cautious than negative people.

05: HIV+ means No life = sorry again, with the medications and the open mindfulness of society now, a pozzie can do whatever he wants, he can travel even.

06: HIV+ easy transmission: you can only have HIV through Sex, swallowing, cumshots in open wounds / small cuts / pimples / breastfeeding from a pozzie and unsanitary needles. we can share utensils and kiss the whole day sweetie.

07: HIV+ are only for gay men: the only reason why gays are up in the list is because they are man enough to get tested, the rest are positives but, because of the flu-like symptoms, didn't notice that they are positive. even a baby can be positive, much more you.

there, so far that's all I can think of, feel free to message me again or so. :)