Monday, May 24, 2010

false alarm

mama B.I.T.C.H. told me I have a bad attitude of self-diagnosing.

so, for a while I thought I have Insomnia, then I discovered I can sleep like a baby during the day, and I have difficulties sleeping at night. so that doesn't mean I have insomnia... that means I have a deranged Body clock. yeah, I'm self-diagnosing again, I suppose. no wait, I am. sleep doctors are hard to find, and presumably expensive.

A week ago, I was watching telly when I felt like my temperature is going up, and I feel like im gonna have a fever, this is bad. really bad.

So i drank lots of water, and lie down on my bed and waited for sleep to come. seriously waited for sleep.

Told mom and sis that I cant sleep, and at that time I'm shaking already. of course my sister was more alert as she knew my condition, she's like panicking all over, mom too.

im on my bed, shaking, temperature up, mom beside me, sister on the other room. I still can't sleep. I gave instructions to my sister that when I woke up, if ever I fall asleep, and is still shaking and such, we will go to R.I.T.M. so she better save Ate A's number.

I told her to call ate A for emergencies. you know what she did? she called S.

Im still on my bed and Still shaking and still awake playing asleep when S arrived, mom was a bit happy to see him, so she left the room, without any ado S lie next to me, and I put my head on his chest and he was caressing my back and whispering words to make me relax. I instantly fell asleep, that was around 4am.

I woke up, alone, it was 2 in the afternoon, I stretched and - guess what - Im as healthy as a baby. no fever, no colds, no cough, no anything. was pondering on what had happened, then S came in suddenly, he just got off the shower,

"feeling better?"

"yeah, I suppose."

"See, Im just your cure."

I put out my tounge on him... he was also weird out, seeing how sick I was just the previous night, he told me maybe I just need more sleep, he told me to just stay in bed.

in which we did, you know, just stayed in bed. we tried to monitor more my health, whether I'll be sick again or so... I never did.

as S joked,

"Ma-mi-miss mo na nga lang ako, magpapakasakit ka pa!" I have no choice but to diagnose myself that I have the S syndrome... you know, needing S beside me that if I wasnt my body will act up. LOL